Webconf.asia will be postponed. Given the current events and situation in Hong Kong, we are unfortunately forced to postpone this year's edition, but  we are planning to reschedule to August 2020. Read the more elaborate statement.

We hope you will join us at Webconf.asia Light. An evening event on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. It's free too!


Webconf is back for its third edition. 2019 will host two days of workshops followed by two days of conference.

Wednesday November 20, 2019
Workshop Day 1

On Wednesday you can join two workshops; Harry Roberts' workshop on Front-end Performance or Ida Aalen's Easy and Affordable User Testing.

In the evening you can join the Mozilla Developer Roadshow. Get ready for a great evening of talks with our dear friends of Mozilla! Make sure you register your free pass at the Mozilla Website! This event is open for everybody, not just Webconf.asia attendees.

Thursday November 21, 2019
Workshop Day 2

On Thursday we host Miriam Suzanne's workshop on CSS and Sass and a workshop with Dan Mall — check back soon for the topic!

In the evening we’ll have a cozy pre-conference dinner and drinks!

Friday November 22, 2019
Conference Day 1

As soon as we have announced most speakers, we will be announcing our schedule. Expect six talks a day with breaks in between every two talks.

This year we won't be providing lunch, but we do a long lunch break so you can find a lunch spot to your liking. Of course, we will be providing a map with restaurants nearby, so you are sure you won't miss the food you're craving ;-)

In the evening we throw a sweet After Party with drinks and snacks.

Saturday November 23, 2019
Conference Day 2

Same setup as the first conference day, with six speakers and a long lunch.

And after that, goodbye's 😢

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